What is Dynamic Offer Optimization?

Fastest way to send 1:1 offers to your customers

Dynamic offer optimization is the easiest, most automated and scalable way to send millions of 1:1 offers using dynamic actions and rewards. Rather than spending weeks batch processing one-size-fits-all offers, dynamic offer constructs enable marketers to send millions of 1:1 offers with unique actions and rewards for each customer in a matter of minutes.

Why It Matters

Drive Transaction

Offers are pivotal to driving customer spend. 83% of consumers say they will spend if brands send relevant offers.


Brands and consumers are misaligned. Less than 33% of promotional offers are relevant to consumers.


Current offer tech is not enough. More than 50% of brands say they need more resources to deliver relevancy.

Powered by Dynamic Actions & Rewards

Formation continuously optimizes the Dynamic Actions and Rewards of the offer with automation and machine learning, which dramatically reduces offer deployment time and drives relevancy at scale. Dynamic Actions & Rewards are the action and reward levers within an offer—unique to each customer based on their profile.

Engagement & revenue lift

Engagement & revenue lift

Deliver unique offer experience using dynamic actions and rewards with automation to drive engagement and increase customer spend.

React faster & be more agile

React faster & be more agile

Send offers as fast as when your customers need them by automating the entire offer creation and fulfillment process.

Continual measurement & optimization

Continual measurement & optimization

Adapt continually to changing customer needs with campaign-level measurement, customer-level tracking and machine learning optimization.