Measuring Marketing Success in 2021

Learn how Giant Eagle transformed their marketing with data-led initiatives

"[Formation] helped take us to that point of rewarding and engaging at scale. We wanted to create 300,000 different versions of an email — and do that at scale. They helped us create this loyalty decision engine, and it's powered by leaders in the industry and being able to have that within two years. They helped us connect disparate data, different teams and corporate."

- Damian Scott, VP & Chief Customer Officer at Giant Eagle

Watch our new on-demand webinar with Damian Scott, VP & Chief Customer Officer at Giant Eagle, and Rob Fagnani, Head of Business Development and Operations at Formation. They discuss how Giant Eagle has transformed their marketing with a number of data-led initiatives.

You’ll learn:

  • How to strengthen and optimize your customer loyalty program and other marketing initiatives through agile experimentation, measurement and flexibility
  • With measuring success in mind, how Giant Eagle relaunched their new myPerks customer loyalty program to make it easier for customers to save on groceries or a fill up at GetGo, while earning perks during transactions when redeemed
  • Why it’s important to be a data-led organization, using insights from each campaign to guide decisions, and ultimately drive stronger loyalty and increase revenue
Damian Scott

Damian Scott

Damian Scott is an experienced marketer and technologist with over 15 years leading innovative teams, defining marketing strategy, and building digital marketing capabilities at internet scale. As Chief Customer Officer, Damian leads five core teams. Prior to Giant Eagle, Damian was the Senior Director of Performance Marketing at Munchery, one of the first food ecommerce sites to deliver prepared foods in the Bay Area, where he led all aspects of customer acquisition and optimization. Damian is a true entrepreneur – he’s founded several companies and held marketing and technology consulting roles for large and small digital companies.

Rob Fagnani

Rob Fagnani

Rob is a founding team member at Formation and currently leads business development and operations for the company. He has extensive experience working with executives across consumer/retail, travel, and financial services industries on utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive digital strategy, marketing transformation and value creation. Prior to Formation, Rob was a management consultant for The Boston Consulting Group where he advised consumer and financial services companies on corporate strategy, M&A and marketing analytics.