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Modern consumers require relevance

If it seems like customers today have higher expectations than ever before, it’s because they do. Digital commerce has made it easy for them to compare experiences between every brand they encounter, and each time they’re exposed to an improved digital experience, their expectations for all future experiences are reset to a higher level.

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Staying relevant means becoming a data-led organization

To acquire and retain customers, brands must now be continually relevant to each consumer across every encounter throughout their customer journey. Brand marketers will need to shift from segmentation strategies to understanding each customer on an individual level, and personalizing their customer experiences accordingly.

Creating a personalized experience for every customer will require many brands to improve how they leverage the customer data they gather. The cornerstone of personalization is implementing data-led strategies—letting data dictate marketing efforts and initiatives from the beginning, rather than just using data to validate them.

Marketers report using personalization techniques

US online adults feel comfortable sharing some information to have their shopping experience personalized