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The Dynamic Offer Platform

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The Formation Dynamic Offer Platform (DYNO) helps organizations to maximize their digital transformation investments and deepen their relationships with customers with gamified offers. Whether you are a loyalty marketer, product leader, data scientist, merchandiser, or driving your organization's digital transformation, Formation accelerates this process providing greater insights that grow customer loyalty using patented and proven machine learning technology that drives business outcomes.

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Comprehensive Offer Catalog

A rich catalog of offer types that enables brands and their marketers to engage their customers to meet specific business objectives such as increasing frequency, driving second purchase, category exploration, and digital onboarding.

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Automated Generation of Personalized Offers at Scale

Formation automates the creation, fulfillment, and measurement of dynamic and gamified offers taking your Time-To-Offer (TTO) from months to minutes. DYNO creates millions of offer variations using automated machine learning so loyalty marketers have more time to focus on the strategic elements of their program.

Gamified Offers

The industry’s only patented and personalized multi-step offers. Gamified offers make both transactional and non-transactional experience fun for consumers and drive business objectives from increasing frequency and spend to accelerating category cross-sell.

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Drive Incremental Behavior

Loyalty marketers can explicitly define and target incremental behaviors such as spend, visits, and engagement at the individual level in order to maximize revenue from each customer.

Continuous Offer Optimization

Our plaform’s machine learning optimizes offer strategy while automating your campaigns to get continually smarter over time to maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Metrics & Insights

Our comprehensive dashboard provides key metrics for the offer funnel, engagement, consumer spend and overall campaign KPIs over time. Loyalty marketers get real time insights into the status of offers and can put them into action quickly.

Tech Stack Agnostic

Formation easily integrates into your existing MarTech stack and increases the ROI of your digital transformation. With its open API surface, can activate data across marketing, loyalty and other customer data sources to create more personalized experiencesI. This ease of integration jump starts the journey to highly enrich personalized and dynamic offers with every insight available.

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