World's First Dynamic Offer Optimization Platform

Our platform is used by the world’s leading companies in retail, travel and QSR to automatically create billions of unique offers using Dynamic Actions & Rewards. Formation applies patent-pending machine learning technology to optimize each customer's subsequent offers. This process is automated with a click of a button—enabling brands with the fastest, easiest way to send relevant offers at any scale.

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The Offer Builder consumes any segment or customer journey data from any CDP or martech stack and builds millions of unique offer variants using Dynamic Actions & Rewards, making every offer unique for every customer.

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Offer Engine drives real-time delivery of all these offers via APIs and webhooks to channels such as emails, web app, and push notifications. Real-time delivery includes tracking, fulfillment and measurement of each offer's performance.

Dynamic Actions & Rewards make every offer you send matter

Dynamic Actions & Rewards make it fast and easy to create and launch 1:1 individualized offers. Rather than spend countless weeks segmenting and batch processing static one-size-fits all offers to your customers, Formation builds offers with Dynamic Actions & Rewards which enable you to send billions of 1:1 offers in just a single click.

Send offers in minutes

Send offers in minutes

Formation automates offer creation and fulfillment using the latest customer insights and business rules so that brands can deliver offers faster than ever before—and in minutes of customers needing them.

Increase engagement & revenue

Increase engagement & revenue

Dynamic Actions & Rewards make every offer experience unique and engage every customer to increase their spending—all using automation.

Adapt to changing customer needs

Adapt to changing customer needs

Formation applies machine learning to optimize each offer's dynamic actions and rewards based on shifting customer demands—so brands can be more agile and adapt faster to changing customer needs.

Fully integrated with your martech stack

Activate your customer data and maximize your marketing cloud investments with Formation’s dynamic offer creation and optimization.

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