Offer Relevancy will save the B2C Marketing Funnel

State of Offer Relevancy 2021


Three industry trends are putting pressure on B2C marketers:

Consumer spend is surging 27%

There is massive pent-up demand from consumers who are demanding a truly relevant omni-channel customer experience.

Defending spend costs more

Cookie-less future, IDFA & data privacy is increasing customer acquisition costs across all channels and forcing brands to increase LTV to maintain ROI on their media and advertising costs.

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Jumping through more hoops for less data

1st-party data is a requirement for brands who want to increase and protect customer lifetime value. However, consumers are extremely digitally savvy and demand reciprocal value for their data.

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Brands are at a huge risk of losing customers because:

They bore easily

~70% of consumers
state that the offers brands send
them aren’t relevant.

Boring customer

They bolt quickly

Half of US consumer
shave left a brand they were loyal to
for a competitor that better met
their needs.

Escaping customer

This is why 97% of brands say offer relevancy is critical to their marketing strategy

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Our Methodology

For this study, Forrester conducted an online survey of 250+ B2C decision-makers responsible for strategy or execution of loyalty initiatives, and an online survey of 1,000 consumer respondents age 18+. The study began in January 2021 and was completed in February 2021.

Formation helps brands deliver on the last mile of offer relevancy

Dynamic Offer Optimization (DYNOO) is the easiest, most automated way to send millions of 1:1 offers at scale. This is made possible with Dynamic Actions & Rewards - customizable action and reward levers within each offer making it unique to each customer.


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