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Are your Loyalty Offers Modernized for the Digital Consumer?

How to make personalized offers scalable and smarter with Dynamic Offer Optimization

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Consumers Have Too Many Choices and Too Little Time

Consumers loyalty is no longer assured, as shoppers have an infinite number of choices and their traditional shopping habits have been disrupted by COVID. Brands that find ways to make loyalty an easy choice will capture a greater share of wallet.


of US consumers changed their shopping behavior and shifted to new brands over the past 2 years

There is a big cost to doing nothing

Mass offers are no longer helping make your brand an easy choice for customer loyalty. Brands that maintain their status quo with mass will rapidly lose brand equity and revenue, as competitors eat into your customer base.

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Personalized Offers are Worth $70B

“Expanded use of personalized offers is an imperative… the next three years will see leading retailers shift from mass promotion to personalized offers at scale…leading to a top-line growth opportunity of more than $70 billion annually.”
- BCG, The $70 Billion Prize in Personalized Offers

How to Get Started

Define Your Business Type

Making the shift from mass promotions to dynamic offers will be different for every brand. However, many similarities will hinge on whether your primary revenue strategy depends more heavily on discounts or on brand value.

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Three Best Practices for Shifting from Mass to Dynamic:

Short-term economic calculations limit long-term vision of personalization. Brands that succeed in this modern era use CLV as their key revenue metric for loyalty.

A customer loyalty ladder guides the relationship between brands & consumers. Companies that successfully drive ongoing loyalty tie dynamic offers to key business objectives and more deeply engage their customers.

Instigating a cultural shift can seem overwhelming, but a test-and-learn approach creates a natural progression from an innovative test to a fully-fledged personalized offer strategy within your modern loyalty program.