How to Optimize With New MarTech

Customers today are more brand loyal. Yet, they expect more than ever from brands, like personal relevance in everything from marketing communications to loyalty offers. Achieving that level of value requires the right marketing technology and the right investment to support it. Read the white paper to learn:

• The three most important questions you need to answer to ensure you’re choosing the right technology solutions

• 5 steps to building an airtight business case for your MarTech investment, including how to win over the executive team and gain approval from your IT department

• How to overcome objections from leadership, with examples from leaders like Starbucks of what’s most critical to prove with your business case.

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of consumers indicated that brands could be doing more to earn their loyalty

said the brands they engage with the most recognize them on a one-to-one level

Mass marketing is no longer enough

Consumers are seeking to develop relationships with brands, but only when the brands continue to deliver highly relevant messages and offers. Marketing technology will be the difference-maker for brands that want to achieve true 1:1 personalization.

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