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Meet customers where they are, and then stretch them to do more

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Entice customer engagement

Use personalized, gamified offers to increase completion and engagement rates by customers, to increase customer lifetime value.

Increase efficiency of reward dollars

Stretch reward dollars across multiple transactional and non-transactional customer actions, and get more from reward budgets.

Incentivize new behaviors

Increase customer stickiness with multi-step offers that encourage the right kinds of engagement and transaction behaviors.

Drive up to $96 Million with Dynamic Offer Optimization

  • $80 million

  • $15 million

  • $1 million

Product Capabilites Overview

Productized offer types

Catalog of offers that enable brands to solve any business challenge

Multi-action state

Gamified offers that create an emotional connection with customers

Automated generation of personalized offers at scale

Create, fulfill and measure dynamic offers without additional operational overhead

Machine-learning optimization

Continuous data-driven personalization, to increase the efficiency of reward spend

Full-stack integration

Integrate all existing technologies & data sources to create dynamic relevancy

Test, measure, and learn

Ongoing, automated testing to ensure the most valuable reward configurations are offered