[Forrester Report] 2021 State of Offer Relevancy


3 Key findings from surveying 1000+ consumers and 250 brands.

1. Brands aren’t as relevant as they think...

  • 92% of brands report that their company provides relevant offers, but on average, only 33% of offers are relevant to customers.
  • Customers are focused on value, while businesses are focused on promoting their products and services.
  • Brands must focus their offer strategy on what is most appealing to their customer.

2. Brands report their biggest challenges with optimizing promotions to be...

  • Brands can’t react to customer interactions fast enough.
  • They don’t have enough analytical resources to optimize at scale.
  • And it takes too long to create and deploy offers to the market.

3. Companies that have invested in technology see the benefits...

  • 49% of respondents have already invested in an optimization platform.
  • 94% are satisfied with that investment.
  • In the next year, 71% are investing or increasing investment in optimization.

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