The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Customer Loyalty Offers

Today’s marketers need to be more flexible, agile and execute experiments faster. COVID-19 underscored these demands as brands had to pivot quickly as consumers moved online, became more hesitant in their purchasing decisions and put greater emphasis on personal safety. The only way to understand if your offers are effective in this ever-changing environment is to continuously track and measure their success.

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• Why you need to move beyond customer lifetime value (LTV) and understand net incremental revenue (NIR) associated with each promotional campaign

• 5 steps to strengthen your customer loyalty program through experimentation and measuring offer success across use cases

• The importance of becoming a data-led organization, using insights from each campaign to guide decisions, and ultimately drive stronger loyalty and increase revenue

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of consumers said they are more loyal to brands than they were 5 years ago

of consumers believe brands could be doing more to earn their loyalty

2021 is about experimentation, agility and measuring offer success

The old “spray and pray” methods of customer loyalty offers don’t work. Customer behavior has changed, consumer signals are confusing and pre-COVID segmentation models are outdated. With so much uncertainty in the world, agility is critical to your success. And the only way to maintain a competitive advantage and understand if you’re successful is by measuring the results of your offers.

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