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We have lofty goals to improve customer engagement, and we know that meeting them will require assembling a diverse team of talented individuals.

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Why Formation

Our mission is to use data to serve human motivation

Since 2015, we’ve been hard at work building a platform that fundamentally enhances the way in which customers are able to interact with the brands they love. That work has just begun.

As we continue the pursuit of our mission, we are looking to build a world-class team of individuals, all of whom will drive impact in a meaningful way.

Our mission is to use data to serve human motivation

Employee Spotlight

Mary Matthews

Mary Matthews / Software Engineer - Front end

What was a major selling point for you to consider working at Formation?

I was really excited by the opportunity to work at a startup that is in such an innovative market, working with a team to build a product that helps fortune 500 companies connect with their customers on a personal level through 1:1 loyalty program offers. Formation was a unique opportunity because it is both a startup building a product unique from anyone else in the market and it’s backed by established brands like BCG and Starbucks who are leaders in digital innovation.

Cynthia Guitierrez

Cynthia Guitierrez / Finance Team

What’s your favorite employee benefit or perk that Formation offers?

Health benefits covering dependents 100%

How has Formation promoted your professional development?

Allowed me flexibility to prepare for my CPA exams

Schell Carl Scivally

Schell Carl Scivally / Senior Software Engineer

How has Formation promoted your professional development?

Leadership encourages us to step up to new challenges - whether that's giving talks at conferences, doing demos, lunch brown bags or taking on the technical design of a new feature. It depends on the person and is self directed.

Personally I've had the opportunity to see my work run at scale and that has changed the way I think about our client's goals and how to implement them.

Any hopes or dreams?

I hope my kids grow old in a good world.

Joe Howard

Joe Howard / Enterprise Account Executive

What’s your favorite employee benefit or perk that Formation offers?

The ability to wear a few hats each and every week… constantly learning as a team and working on different activities in support of our clients. Though I have a defined job "role" at Formation, it is up to me how I chart the course.

How do you celebrate your team's wins?

As a team, of course! Recognize who helped from the wider teams that touch the customer in every aspect of their journey (Formations' Product organization, Solutions Team, Marketing, Engineering and Support functions). Everyone has a role in earning a new customer's confidence!


We invest in the health & well-being of our team


100% medical, dental, and vision premiums paid for full-time employees and eligible dependents.


We assist you with getting to and from work, including pre-tax transit benefits or a pre-tax parking benefit.


We appreciate work-life balance and have a discretionary PTO policy in addition to 11 paid holidays per year.


Our kitchen and fridge are always well stocked, and we enjoy weekly catered lunches.


We are family-oriented and provide generous time off for those growing their families. We offer a range of benefits to help find daycare and even provide insurance for your furry friends.


We offer student loan education and tools for assisting with the review and modification of your student loans.


Huge impact. Cutting-edge tech. Great team.

Join us and help improve customer engagement for some of the world’s largest brands. Build innovative products that disrupt the status quo.

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