Masterclass: Building a Personalization Tech Stack for the Modern Loyalty Era

On Demand Webinar Featuring Mary Pilecki, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst

Companies like Starbucks and Amazon changed the customer experience game. Customers' tolerance for mass messages is in sharp decline. Loyalty is now earned by delivering the right offers at the right time, in the right place…

But traditional tech stacks weren’t built with these expectations in mind.

This Masterclass is about building the solution: A stack that's built to deepen your customers connection with your brand through personalization.

Watch this session from Formation CEO, Christian Selchau-Hansen, and Forrester VP, Mary Pilecki and learn:

  • New data that shows how consumers think about brand engagement.
  • The key differences between legacy vs modern tech stacks for personalization.
  • How to evaluate the technology ecosystem and key personalization business requirements.

Featured Speaker Mary Pilecki

Featured Speaker Mary Pilecki

Forrester VP and Principal Analyst

Mary serves B2C marketing professionals, leading Forrester's customer loyalty coverage.

Her research focuses on loyalty strategy, loyalty programs, consumer trends, and the tools, skills, and processes B2C marketers need to manage and measure loyal customer relationships.