How Starbucks Became #1 in Customer Loyalty

How Starbucks Became #1 in Customer Loyalty

The question: How do you deliver offers that are individually personalized to each one of your nearly 19 million rewards customers?

That’s what Starbucks asked, as it sought to become the most personalized brand in the world through its Starbucks Rewards loyalty program.

The answer: Formation’s AI-powered solution that automates deployment of individualized offers across both digital and physical channels.

Using Formation, Starbucks has been able to take data from a variety of sources - from transaction and loyalty programs to product and store information - to learn more about each customer and automatically tailor offers to their unique needs and preferences. Our solution also allows Starbucks to test initiatives in the market using an end-to-end experimentation feature, and fine-tune offers through a constant flow of new, real-time customer data and interaction information.

The results: We’ve made it easy for Starbucks to deliver true 1:1 personalization at enterprise scale, enhancing the customer experience, while driving extreme efficiency in the marketing process.

Want a closer look at how Starbucks did this?

Download this case study to learn more about how we are helping Starbucks automate offer assembly, offer management and reward fulfillment, as well as measurement and tracking of key performance indicators (KPI).