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Announcing our rebrand — Takt is now Formation!

March 2, 2018

In this article you will learn:


We have some exciting news. Effective immediately, Takt is now Formation! You can now reach us at

We believe the Formation name accurately reflects our mission to empower organizations to deepen relationships with their customers as individuals. We achieve this by creating individualized goal-driven experiences that align each customer’s motivations with the organization’s goals.

Along with our new name, we are introducing the industry’s first Customer Goal Management (CGM) platform.

Customer Goal Management (CGM)

A Customer Goal Management platform empowers organizations to treat customers as individuals, move beyond pre-defined campaign-based schedules to real-time context-driven communication, and understand individual customers’ motivations to create experiences that help them achieve their goals. Delivering relevant, true 1:1 customer experiences that meet each individual’s goals leads to greater customer satisfaction, advocacy, and lifetime value.

Formation’s CGM Platform

Formation's CGM platform understands each customer’s behaviors, motivations, and contextual data in order to deliver the optimal customer experience. The platform goes beyond segmentation to enable organizations to deepen their relationship with each customer on an individual level. The platform delivers integrated, multi-step experiences with unprecedented relevance and efficiency. We use reinforcement learning to form a new experimentation paradigm that can assess feedback instantaneously on the experiences. Overall, the platform automates the experience creation process and drastically increases efficiency, while driving customer engagement.


Aside from the branding change, none of the core elements of our capabilities and processes are changing. We remain dedicated in our commitment to working with organizations to deepen relationships with their customers as individuals.

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