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Our mission is to help every brand create evolving, lifelong relationships with their customers, so brands can achieve long term business success.

Our team
Our team
Our team


It all started with a serendipitous meeting - a founder who joined BCG Ventures looking to start a company using his decade of work focused on how machine learning can improve customer experience, and a Fortune 100 company coming to BCG with the aspiration to become the most personalized brand in the world. Five years, and many more Fortune 100 customers, later Formation’s first SaaS platform was launched so companies of all sizes can execute on a scaled, dynamic personalization strategy that creates deeper relationships, brand profitability and nimble market execution.

Our leadership team

Christian Selchau-Hansen photo

Christian Selchau-Hansen

CEO and co-founder

Christian Selchau-Hansen LinkedIn profile

Christian Selchau-Hansen is the CEO and co-founder of Formation, an enterprise software company that automates offer development and execution, enabling marketing teams to be more efficient and effective in engaging and retaining customers. A 20-year tech veteran, Christian has helped develop new products and drive growth using data at companies like Square and Zynga and was previously a Partner and Managing Director at BCG Digital Ventures.

Ty Lim photo

Ty Lim

Chief Growth Officer

Ty Lim LinkedIn profile

Ty Lim is a builder, husband and father of two. As the Chief Growth Officer he runs Sales and Marketing teams at Over the last 10 years Ty’s teams have helped build some of the fastest-growing category leaders, including Druva, Heptio (acquired by VMWare) and Portworx (acquired by Pure), delivering over $1B in sales pipeline and 3X YoY revenue growth. Previous to that, Ty spent a decade in adtech building businesses that served the largest Fortune 500 brands.

Max Dame photo

Max Dame

VP of Finance

Max Dame LinkedIn profile

Max Dame is the VP of Finance at Formation. Max has built and led finance teams at both startups and large global enterprises. Prior to joining Formation, Max was Director of Finance and Accounting at Kenandy, a Salesforce-backed enterprise SaaS business. Early in his career Max built and led a finance team on 3 continents to support Schneider Electric, a fast growing multi-billion dollar datacenter business. Max is a licensed CPA.

Robert Fagnani photo

Robert Fagnani

VP of Business Development

Robert Fagnani LinkedIn profile

Robert Fagnani is a founding team member of Formation and the VP of Business Development. Rob has extensive experience working with executives across consumer-based industries on utilizing AI and automation to drive digital strategy, transformation, and value creation. He has created and managed partnerships with many of the world's top cloud infrastructure and martech providers, marketing agencies, and consulting firms. Prior to Formation, Rob worked at the Boston Consulting Group and was also an investor at Morgan Stanley.

Praneet Mhatre photo

Praneet Mhatre

Senior Director of Engineering

Praneet Mhatre LinkedIn profile

Praneet Mhatre is the Senior Director of Engineering at Formation. Praneet is responsible for the Engineering organization which includes product engineering, data science and analytics, customer integrations, and security. Praneet has a particular interest and proven expertise in unlocking the business value of data, having built machine learning solutions at scale prior to joining Formation as the company's first data hire. Prior to Formation he was a Senior Data Scientist at Zillow Group.

Our Values

We’re here to build the next wave of continuous, data-driven personalization for leading B2C brands. Our team is committed to doing that through:

Launch an MVP and iterate

Launch an MVP and iterate

Be direct

Be direct

Create wildly successful customers

Create wildly successful customers

Take ownership

Take ownership

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