We make great experiences the new normal

Our mission is to use data to understand and serve human motivation, and to achieve aligned customer and company goals.

Our Story

World class team with ambitious goals

We began in 2015 with a pilot test for a Fortune 100 company who had the goal of becoming the most personalized brand in the world. After proving tremendous customer engagement and revenue impact, we raised a $30M Series A in February 2016.  We have since grown rapidly in every dimension and are just getting started.

World class team with ambitious goals World class team with ambitious goals

About Us

Pioneers in Hyper–Personalization

We engage individuals with unique, multi-step experiences that bridge their motivations to goals. We connect with them through their preferred modes of communication - including mobile, email, web, and in person - to create a seamless journey.   

Pioneers in Hyper–Personalization Pioneers in Hyper–Personalization

Our Values

We are here to do the best work of our lives

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We respect with candor

We foster a culture of active feedback where all opinions and perspectives are welcome. We celebrate constructive discussion. We value transparency and make decisions openly as a team.
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We focus on results

Through our common goal of doing extraordinary work, we do what it takes to deliver impactful results and are relentlessly devoted to our customers' success.

We are always learning

We drive efficient and pragmatic solutions so there is time to learn and iterate, while mindfully balancing long and short term objectives. We continuously challenge our assumptions with data.
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We are stronger as a team

We know the most meaningful outcomes are made through teamwork and accountability.

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