Live Virtual Panel

State of Offer Relevancy 2021

Based on a Forrester survey of 252 B2C brands and 1,000 consumers

Join this virtual panel to learn how innovative brands are rising to the challenge to close the relevancy gap and improve both customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021
11:00am PT

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The Offer Relevancy Gap

Brands send millions of communications and spend billions of dollars on offers each year to engage customers. Yet customer engagement is still falling short, with two-thirds of consumers stating that the offers brands send them are not relevant to their needs.

of consumers will buy
from brands that
send relevant offers
of companies
believe the offers
are relevant
of offers are
considered relevant
by consumers
of brands plan to
invest in offer
optimization technology

“Consumer spending is set to grow rapidly and brands that can deliver relevant, timely and valuable consumer offers will capture this growth.The biggest challenge is that many brands lack the technology, data linkages and skills to deliver relevant offers in near real time.”

Leo Griffin Photo

Leo Griffin VP, Global Technology

“Ensure you are delivering equivalent & relevant value to your customers in exchange for their priceless data. Loyalty & marketing strategies must be data-driven & customer-led, not business-first.”

Jenna O’Connor Photo

Jenna O’Connor Director, Loyalty

“Don’t create offers, create relationships. By creating relevant and timely offers that are based on customers preferences, we can build better opportunities for brand loyalty.”

Christopher Gumprecht Photo

Christopher Gumprecht VP, Guest Technology

Exclusive Panel Discussion

VP, Digital Officer Photo

Andrew Rebhun VP, Digital Officer El Pollo Loco

VP, Research Director Photo

Emily Collins VP, Research Director Forrester

Senior Director, Customer Experience Photo

Justin Weinstein Senior Director, Customer Experience Giant Eagle, Inc.

CEO, Co-Founder Photo

Christian Selchau-Hansen CEO, Co-Founder Formation
Wednesday, May 19, 2021
11:00am PT