Dynamic Offer Optimization

Automate and optimize the creation, fulfillment and measurement of offers down to the individual customer

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"Did the offer launch yet?"

It's a question loyalty marketers ask frequently. Between static offers, coupon codes and manual campaign ops, it's no surprise, brands are slow to deliver relevant offers at scale.

Dynamic offer optimization and automation has enabled innovative brands to deliver 1:1 loyalty offers without the operational drag. These modern loyalty marketers are celebrating test results not launches.


Dynamic Offer Optimization & Automation


Dynamic actions & rewards puts control in the loyalty marketer's hands to drive relevance & revenue


Automate the building, management and optimization of offers so you can focus on strategy


Continuously optimize new offers, variations, audience targeting and measure the impact of experiments


Over $1B in revenue lift driven by our customers

Featured Case Study

Starbucks + Formation

Read how Starbucks, the largest coffeehouse chain with more than 31,000 stores worldwide, had an ambitious goal to become the most personalized brand in the world. Their loyalty program, Starbucks® Rewards, saw a 200% marketing sales lift after using Formation to automate their offer creation, assembly, management, reward fulfillment and KPI measurement and tracking.

How we integrate

The silver lining in every marketing cloud

Formation’s Offer Optimization Platform can help brands achieve 1:1 relevancy in their loyalty offers without having to rip and replace their existing martech stack.

The silver lining in every marketing cloud
Batch & Blast Is Only A Bandaid

Effective Offer Strategy & Design Workshop

Batch & Blast Is Only A Bandaid

If "batch-and-blast" has turned into a long-term strategy, it may be time to reset your offer strategy.

Join Rob Fagnani, VP of Business Development at Formation, as he outlines ways to turbocharge your offer strategy in an on-demand workshop.

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