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Dynamic Offer Optimization for Modern Loyalty

Make Loyalty to your Brand an Easy Choice

In a digital, always-on world where consumers have many choices, how do you ensure your brand stands out in the sea of mass promotions? Personalized offers seems like the obvious solution, but retailers must account for whether their personalized campaigns can automatically adapt to changing consumer behaviors and scale to deliver a true 1:1 experience.

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Brands that adopt dynamic offers see revenue lift of up to 8%

Go beyond personalization with dynamic offers

Retailers that adopt dynamic offers leverage personalization to meet their customers where they are and continually build deeper relationships with them because their offers automatically adapt to changing behaviors over time. Learn how you can do the same.

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Brands that have made the transition to Dynamic Offer Optimization

More than 10B dynamic offers sent through the Formation Platform

Drive up to $96 Million with Dynamic Offer Optimization

*Based on a $1B loyalty program

  • $80 million

    $80 million in sustainable revenue lift

  • $15 million

    $15 million in reward spend efficiency savings

  • $1 million

    $1 million in operational efficiency savings

Adapt to changing behaviors with Dynamic Offer Optimization

Optimization makes offers smarter through time. This ensures offers drive more revenue, while also spending reward dollars more efficiently.

Personalization at scale, at the click of a button

Machine learning personalizes every customer’s offer action, reward and difficulty based on individual customer insights, without additional operational overhead.